Sunday, October 5, 2014

STREAMING DIY - How to Build Your Own Internet Video/Radio Station!

by M Jvlian Simmons

"Streaming" is the process of projecting one's own live media signal throughout the internet via server module(s).

For years, we've been slave to others' ability to broadcast their own choice of programming, and to arbitrate the quality of material broadcasted.

You just watched other people's programming and that's all she wrote, unless you go to college for broadcasting/Mass communications, etc., got a job interning at a TV or radio station, attained clout, and finally pitched a winning show for their board to agree to, and then revise to death, before airing.

No More.

scene from "Pump Up The Volume"
Online streaming makes it possible for 'regular Joes' like you and me to be able to run our own web-tv, and/or radio station, as easy as being able to build one's own cloud.

Christian Slater plays pirate radio talk jock, "Hard Harry".
Like "Hard Harry" in the movie "Pump Up The Volume", who had a pirate radio station and
encouraged others to "take the airwaves", we now have achieved the same ability to stream LIVE, and are also sharing what and how we learned.

Check out this moving 'rant' from Hard Harry in "Pump Up The Volume"

The following is a video playlist from the likes of Ustream,, Chris Pirillo at, and more, geared to help grasp the concept and cover the curve needed to be a good "streamer".

Enjoy, don't forget to comment and share, if this article has been helpful to you!



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